Attunement to the God Self

Attunement to the God Self

God, Buddha, Brahman, Divine, Source…Many Names are given to the One. Thou what is it we are aiming for when we are speaking about That? What is it That so many are seeking on that path of self-realization?
Truly is That the unknowable mystery.
Only through the deepest commitment, surrender and trust, through allowing ourselves to go beyond our fears and through utter honesty with ourselves can we come into attunement to the God Self.

The Paradox is that it is and has been here all along the way.

God, Buddha, Shiva, the unnamable Presence is not an external figure that is somewhere out there and will one day rescue us from our pain.

It is right here. Every moment. You are actually sitting within it as you are reading this. It is the unified Field all around us and within everything and everyone. Beyond right or wrong and good or bad.
All we have to do is to come into Presence and listen, beyond the mind. Beyond our idea of who we are. Simply by breathing and becoming aware of beingness, abiding within Stillness for long enough to attune ourselves naturally and effortlessly to that God Self.

The issue is that because of our habits and attachments to beliefs and certain ways of functioning as a perceived separate human identify do we forget this mystical magic that is here all the time as we continue with our daily tasks and concerns and pretend that God or Source is something that we can only be in Union with at special moments, in meditation, in medicine ceremonies, through seeking and traveling etc.

If we look at it from a holographic perspective beyond the limitations of separation, is That a Unified Field.
This field operates as one entire matrix where action causes reaction, where one being effects the whole and visa versa. Hence the law of Karma.
Within that field are many frequency bands which vary from the lowest of survival, desires, attachments, fear, blame to higher ones like unconditional or divine love, devotion, gratitude and ultimately to the One as the Unified Field, which goes beyond the explanation through language.
All of it is here and constantly available to each one of us. It is a choice point to which frequency band do we want to attune ourselves to and out of which frequency, which is as well represented by the vortices of the 7 main chakras, do we want to live out of.

When we seek through spiritual practices like meditation, extensive fasting, shamanic journeys, ceremonies etc is all that we truly do the attunement of our energy field to the frequency band of the God Self.

Each time we go through a period of suffering or intensity, transformation within our life or within our spiritual practice do we purify and alchemize all the pieces which are not in tune with the God Self. Through that do we have the opportunity to learn and raise our consciousness/frequency and attune ourselves further to the God Self Matrix.

This attunement occurs through the opening and releasing of karmic knots and dense energies which keep us stuck within the lower frequency bands and which veil the Unified Field that is always there.
Through those lower patterns do we perceive ourselves as a separate identity that needs to hustle for life and tries to control the outcome and acts many times out of a space of fear of the unknown or with a personal agenda because of the inability to surrender to the One Field God Self.
Truly and ultimately are we never in control anyway, it is very simple but yet so difficult for the mind to innerstand and let go.

We must never forget that it is all here available to us, every moment and at any time. We don’t need to be a certain way to be worthy of experiencing Gods light. All that we need to do is to allow ourselves to take a step back and relax, into the eternal Now. As that is what we have been, are and will always be.

BeLoved and BeBlessed

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