The Truth about the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is the second largest toxic and harmful industry for the planet, right after petroleum. I actually wrote my thesis about fair trade fashion in 2009 when I graduated from university. There did I gather a lot of proof and facts about the harm...


Return to Darkness

I am encountering an aspect within myself that was once forgotten. It is raw, it is wild, it is natural, it is dark. Not dark as evil or negative. Dark as the primordial power of Darkness. The potent pure Shakti energy. It arises within my entire...

coming into wholeness

Coming into Wholeness

Coming into Wholeness does not only mean coming into wholeness within. It is the coming into wholeness within and with-out as one has to come into peace with every aspect of creation. It is the being in wholeness with every person, every situation and every...

Attunement to the God Self

Attunement to the God Self

God, Buddha, Brahman, Divine, Source…Many Names are given to the One. Thou what is it we are aiming for when we are speaking about That? What is it That so many are seeking on that path of self-realization? Truly is That the unknowable mystery. Only through the...

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