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Detox into Body Bliss

Spiritual growth does not only involve to purify ourselves from conditioning, programs, and destructive thought forms but as well to purify our physical vessel and Detox into Body Bliss.

Through fasting and cleansing protocols we are able to release a lot of old and unwanted energies that got physically stuck in our body through unhealthy foods and emotional eating patterns.

As well after traveling to places where we can not commit to our healthy diet, especially third world countries, I like to do a cleanse in order to bring my body back into a healthier state.

This time, after returning home from Egypt Akasha Sananda and I started a 10 day cleanse which involves:

– in the morning psyllium husk, bentonite clay, zeolite mix with water… this functions as a colon scrub, it literally goes to the sides of our colon and scrubs out all remains of waste, including bacterias and parasites.
– then we do a coffee enema, which is truly amazing!
It detoxes the liver, helps to clear the body of candida, improves digestion, cleanses the colon as many other benefits.
– during the day we drink water, herbal teas and fresh juices, these energize us as well as return the nutrition to the body, which is way easier to be absorbed by the colon, because of the colon scrub.



Every physical cleanse is a special Journey and so different.
I have already some experience with cleansing, therefore, I find myself more and more stable as I go through them.

When I started to fast a couple of years ago, it brought up unresolved emotions and I witnessed a level of attachment to food from an emotional space and how I sometimes wanted to eat in order to soothe myself or suppress unwanted emotions.
As I stayed committed to the cleanse in those intense moments, I witnessed how these emotions and even patterns would leave my energy field and the more I went into fasting the easier it started to become for me to reside in inner stillness and presence.
That helped me to be more aware in my daily life of when I wanted to take food out of emotional reasons or because I am hungry.

What I as well have learned through fasting, is the discernment of thoughts. So fasting does not only work on our physical and emotional body but as well on our mental body.
Of course, sometimes we will think that we are hungry, see delicious seducing food or the mind starts playing games.
I had the option to then play into those thoughts or train my mind of which thoughts to let in and which not.
As I have chosen to train my mind, I can now cancel those thoughts out and replace them with gratefulness of how amazing this cleanse is for my body or with simple stillness.
This helped me in my day to day life to be more disciplined with my thought patterns.
Sometimes we do not even notice the negative thoughts that we have since they are so engrained in our mind and we don’t have a physical component which points our awareness to it.
The fasting has allowed me to be more aware of my thoughts and discern which ones are raising my vibration and therefore allow them and which ones are egoic based and can be let go of.

I truly encourage everyone to introduce physical cleanses into your life, as our body is so thankful for them and it just feels soo good!


Love & Divine Blessings

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