This is In Honor to Standing Rock and The Elders, the native indigenous, the apus. The original people from the Earth. The land has been stolen many times and the civilisations have been lost. the traditions and ceremonial habits were forgotten. Let’s not close our eyes again. Every thought we sent to Standing Rock in order to raise the frequency counts and this literally will affect the whole of humanity. There is no time to waste in separation anymore.

Through bringing through the new timelines, we are bringing back the traditions, the ceremonies, the ancient wisdom of the land. We are remembering who we are and why we came here. To embody the Earthseed through connecting fully with Mama earth, Father sky and all the elements. Feeling them merge in our hearts.


To embody the Starseed to help remember what we are capable of and merge with the multiverses.

I’m sending out little seeds into each of your hearts. to find your divine purpose. and to once grow into the wise and tender elder tree.


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