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How to handwash natural fibre Clothes

  1. Get a big bowl and place your garments into the bowl. Fill the bowl with warm water and add some shampoo or natural washing powder.
  2. Massage your garment in the water until the shampoo/washing powder gets foamy and is well incorporated in the cloth. If there are stains rub the part where the stain is gentle. ( I highly recommend to do that instantly if the garment gets stained – like this you avoid the stain getting too deep into the fibre and its easy to wash it out)
  3. Leave it soaking for about 30 min – 1 hour.
  4. Massage the garment once again and pour the water out. Then fill the bowl with clean water and wring the garment in the clean water to get excess shampoo/washing powder out.
  5. Pour the clean water out and once again wring the garment to get excess water out of the cloth so that it can dry faster.
  6. Hang it up for drying.

    Enjoy your beautiful and fresh garment blessed and hand-washed by yourself with so much love and care. <3

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