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Walk through the Shadows

We are going through this infinite Journey. Walk through the Shadows.

Yes as I see as many people sharing online  its a beautiful Journey of light.
Thou I would like to share as well that its a Journey through triggers and sadness, judgement, comparison, emotional needyness, playing the victim, anger, frustration, shame, blame, guilt anxiety, inauthenticity, projections, fear, loneliness, manipulation, the need to be seen, rejection, abandonment, denial, betrayal dot dot dot
and guess what..that is okey too.
Because that is what we have been raised with, and that is what most of the population carries in their system. so if we wanna go deep, real and true than we have to face those aspects, we have to sort out our first 3 lower chakras and all these densities in order to go further. Otherwise we will always drop back down.
this is one big aspect of what we call “walking the path”. It is not only always rainbows and sunshine.
But it is true and it is real and it will fulfill you more than any external momentary distraction of partys or clothes or alcohol or food or or or.

So.. sooner or later it will come up. And here we are judging ourselves again because this is something that “we already worked through” trying to fix it. Thou the only thing that needs to be fixed here is the thought that something is wrong. Because there is nothing wrong. You are still an amazing being. Because to love yourself- and this is what this whole journey is about- means to love yourself ALL THE TIME.

Not only when you feel good and its a sunny day. But as well when the clouds arise with rain and thunderstorm to purify your being. This is true unconditional love. and than EVERYHING will be so much easier. You have to understand that you are amazing. and that you are perfect right now. And if you are so deep in it that you cant feel any love than guess what.. that is okey too. accept it all. accept your beautiful self as you are in every moment because in every moment you will still be a reflection of source.

These Shadow states are nothing more than frequencies that we are clearing together for ourselves, our ancestors and the whole planet. So Thank you so much for doing this work.. we are one of the first waves to raise the frequency of the entire planet.


And when you keep practicing to love yourself in this spaces at some point you will feel that it is actually only energy. maybe not the most uplifting one, but energy that would like to be expressed in order to release. So as you observe it as energy you can rest and go into it. Like when you observe the rain from your bedroom window as you snuggle into your blanket. From this vulnerable space you can nurture all these aspects of your being with all the love that you have been seeking out there. and guess what.. It is right here. In the center of your chest. within your beautiful radiant heart.
And I learned to feel gratitude for these opportunities of healing. I learn to feel appreciation. I learn to accept and I learn that I am. I am already perfect.
And if I can than you can too.
I love you 

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