Journey through a Twin Flame Relationship

To be in a twin flame relationship is one of the most amazing things that can ever happen to someone. To be in a twin flame relationship is though sometimes one of the hardest things that can ever happen to someone. The Journey through a Twin Flame Relationship is a Journey into the deepest places within.

If you are ready to face your true self, unconditionally and with all the shadows and gifts, if you are ready to cut the nonsense and go straight into the core of your being, then you are ready to meet your twin flame beloved.

Because what this person is, is nothing more and nothing less than a deep reflection of your true self.

twinflameThe first phase of a twin flame relationship is what I call the Rainbow Phase. In the Rainbow Phase, everything is super magical. You are flying together in the heavens and discovering and experiencing all these amazing things that you have in common. You finally met someone who is exactly like you, who loves the things that you do, who sees the world through the same lens as you see the world. Because you just got together each reflection will show the best side of themselves, their highest and most beautiful side, the side that they would like to be seen as from another.

You truly feel in that phase how deeply connected you are and from the first moment on you know straight away that this person is going to be someone very special in your life. You feel that you have known each other for maybe lifetimes and maybe you even feel that you have a mission on earth together.


The first encounter of a twin flame couple can as well be difficult sometimes because quite likely is that one of them might be in a relationship or that they live quite far apart. Thou the inner feeling of connection and longing to the other being is so strong that it can’t be denied. In that case, these obstacles need to be overcome in order to finally merge into union.

The second phase is the Mirror Phase. That is where things are starting to get interesting. As you been together for a little while now, merging with the beauty and loving energy of the momentum, the rainbow phase starts to settle down. In that time you ground back into your daily life and habits.

This involves as well your conditions and programs which have been imprinted in early stages of your upbringing, womb time and birth. These programs are going to play out sooner or later because they are a part of you or at least of who you think you are at that stage of your life.

Another reason of why twin-flames are called that way is because they are actual energetic twins. Their souls descend to earth together as they share one energetic field, which is then split apart as they are born into human form. Thou still they carry the same coding, which means as well they most likely experience the same woundings of humanity.

So, what happens when we meet someone who reacts into their wound, which is the very same wound that we carry? Well now from a detached standpoint you would think it would create compassion and empathy.

But truly most of the time we do not even know that we do carry the same woundings because they are so engrained in our subconscious. So what most likely is going to happen is a trigger reaction. Why? Because when someone plays out into the same frequency of wounding that someone else is carrying then that frequency is activated in the field so this is going to create a trigger response, which is usually not the most pleasant response because in our subconscious it is connected to that very wounding.

And this is what brings us into the Mirror Phase. Here we start to see the deep wounds of one another which are nothing more than the same wounds we carry. And we enter into a deep play of triggers, projections, blame and reactions. …Mirror, Mirror on the wall…


Everything that we would not want to know, see or acknowledge about ourselves to ourselves is been reviled in that phase by our beloved reflection.

And what is amplifying that stage is that we keep believing in duality. We keep believing that there is someone else out there who is telling us all those things or making us feel all a certain way. Indeed as long as we do live in duality we will always find a reason outside ourselves, we will always find a situation or person to blame for our very own feelings and creations.

This stage can last… long. In fact, it is going to last as long as you choose it to last. Many people will not even go further than that stage because their own pain and woundings are too painful to look into. The result is a breakup and through that, they only run away from themselves and their own feelings. Because the woundings are going to stay, all lifetimes until they are finally healed.

Though, it must not be that way. Because we do can take responsibility for our imprints and actions. We can see them as what they truly are, programs running in our subconscious.

And with that, we enter into the third phase. The Phase of Truth. In the Phase of Truth, we start to enter into the awareness of ourselves. We start to see the truth and the woundings we carry within ourselves, it is like a veil has just been lifted and we start to see clearly.

Sometimes the programs will still play out and arguments could happen, but we do can get ourselves very fast out of the chaos. We are able to take a step back and a breath and be very honest with ourselves. And out of that honesty, we can speak to each other from a grounded place and share with our beloveds what we feel within the trigger and go even deeper in silently looking within and asking where it originated from in order to clear it.

Through that process, we will be able to slowly re-program our subconscious and create new patterns in our being.To own your own stuff is actually one of the most empowering things ever. Because you literally do not give the programs and wounds power over yourself. But through stopping yourself in a trigger, taking yourself out and speaking the truth with owning the trigger and contemplating it, you literally take its power away.

At the beginning, it can be quite tough because the ego always wants to hold onto his ideas, always needs to be right and needs to bring his standpoint through. But I do promise you one thing if you can drop the ego down and the defence mechanism while you are in a trigger it will completely change your state of being. It is really important to encourage each other in this times and to be there with and an open heart. As we keep doing that and keep supporting each other. We go through such a journey. And as we keep doing that we slowly peel the onion, step by step we get closer to our true inner essence, the true love that we all ultimately are.


And with that realisation, we come to the fourth phase. The Phase of Divine Love. Wow, when you are here… then you made it through the dark squeeze of your hidden shadow.

It does not mean that suddenly there aren’t any more triggers at all and everything is the sunshine at all times. But it does mean that when a trigger occurs it is faced with compassion. With compassion from yourself for yourself and from your beloved. And it is faced with gratitude because we start to see them as gifts, which help us to heal and to raise the frequency of the planet.

In that state, we can take ourselves out of a trigger quite fast and breathe into our heart. We start to dissolve the Maya and become pure light.

In that stage we realise – that there is no I – there is no individual self that needs to be protected, heard, understood, loved … because as we heal our wounds we develop the love for ourselves. And from that space, we can be in an interdependent sacred relationship of sovereignty. Where we love each other unconditionally and support each other without any agenda.

sacred union

It is the realisation of being unity. That you are one being that came together to earth in order to awaken the sleeping ones and assist the seeking ones.

And as you raise your consciousness into that stage, you dismantle so many programs and imprints on the planet and you help other couples to raise into that stage only by doing the work on yourself.

And as you develop this attributes for yourself and your relationship they will start slowly rippling out into the world… It starts with realising yourself and your beloved as unity and it takes you to realise complete unity consciousness. In the whole wide world.

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