Our Ethos

For Our Soul

Every single Piece of Nomadica Clothing has been blessed in a ceremonial way with the intentions of awakening and expansion.

Through the blessings have those garments been activated into living light clothing.

Each Garment as worn serves as an extension of your energy field to bring in love and nurturing embrace on your pathway of illumination.

For our Planet

“It is not about what we do, but how we do it.” – By bringing the consciousness of Love into all our deeds and actions do we make life sacred.

From sourcing the highest quality of organic fabrics and fair trade tailors to designing and producing, each step of this collection has been a labour of love.

Our fabrics are made of natural and organic materials. Many of them are certified organic and some of the fibres are even biodegradable. We make the highest effort to do quality checks and to stay in alignment with our ethos.

Our fair trade production team in India is lead by a woman, which only chooses to work with the highest quality of machines and products and has a small number of employees which are fairly paid and have a healthy work environment.
Furthermore, she does encourage the movement of women’s work by employing and supporting Indian woman and mothers.

Therefore are these garments karma free clothing pieces, which support the evolution of our planet and does not harm our beautiful mother earth.

Quality Guarantee

Our Fair Trade Production Team only chooses to work with the highest quality of Machines, threads and products.

Every garment and all the fabrics are checked with a lot of care in order to maintain our standards.

Though in case you are not satisfied with your garment for whatever reason please contact us and we will be happy to reimburse you.

About Asherah

Asherah Sananda is a transformational healer, medicine woman and designer of a clothing line that supports ethical practices. Using her unique abilities and skills she seeks to empower people in opening themselves up towards the realization and embodiment of their true divine nature.

After experiencing the profound inner transformation herself, she fundamentally changed the path of her life’s vision and focus. She devoted herself to the exploration of the human energy field, the latent power of understanding the DNAs potential and as well, the nature of consciousness from a psycho-analytical and supernatural perspective.

Her exploration lead to working with various plant medicines from the world’s native cultures and tribes as integral to achieving deep states of meditation to bring healing and understanding of the ego as freedom from the limitations of one’s own shadow.

Asherah shares and imparts her unique wisdom through her voice and tongues in high vibrations and frequencies that increase the healing process and activation within each person’s own will.

She dedicates her life towards the evolution of people in remembrance and return to the true Source within.

Everything is the Supreme Light and the Union with that is what brings each one of us to our True Self.