raw silk hood kimono

Sand | Raw Silk Hooded Kimono


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The Sand- Hooded Raw Silk Kimono is made out of handwoven organic raw silk (read more).

This natural kimono fully brings through the Jedi look. If a man or woman, the hooded Kimono looks fantastic on both.
The back goes to just above the knees and the front is shorter because of its rounded shape which softens the raw silk kimono.

It feels very tribal and nomadic because of the raw silk fabric which is undyed and comes in its natural colour. A very rustic natural fibre that is still soft and gentle on the skin. It is perfect for hot weather as a protection of the sun since the fabric does absorb sweat and as well as for evenings to have another layer to stay warm.
The Hood Kimono matches great with the Dessert Rose Dress. 



Most of our fabrics are handwoven as in the traditional craftsmanship as well as natural&organic. Therefore might there be a slight difference between the garments.
Our vision is to be able to source the most ethical, fair trade and sustainable materials and to inspire human beings into a lifestyle in harmony with mother earth.


❀ Please note that colours of handwoven fabrics are unique and may vary a bit from item to item. ❀


Wash all-natural fabrics by hand with shampoo or on a very gentle cold cycle, using ecological laundry products.  Please keep in mind that heat makes natural fabrics shrink a bit and that all fabrics get much softer after washing.


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