The Nomads Journeys June

Have you ever…

Wished upon a star?

Do you believe in magic?

Be present with a Tree.

It is a mystical being with deep wisdom.

It does not communicate in words, but more a subtle vibration that can be interpreted by an open heart.

In almost all spiritual/indigenous traditions there are mentions of Trees.

In the Mayan tradition, the Ceiba tree in which you see Asherah standing by in the picture below … shares this message.

“I am La Ceiba, my people calls me Yaax Che. The gods planted me to safeguard the universe mysteries: my roots lead to Xibalba, the dwelling of the dead. The trunk represents the world where you live, by my branches you will get to the Gods where everything is created. Heaven.

I make it to over 132 feet high, my seeds sleep in a soft cotton bed inside a capsule the explode to release them, they fly to find a new place to grow.”


So this month, we were very internal. Embracing the gentleness of being.

After launching our spiritual platform, “School of Rose Mystics” – we indulged in a change of scenery travelling to a town near us called Playa Del Carmen.

And we found ourselves receiving the blessings of this Magical Tree, whilst waiting for a beautiful being to meet with us.

Amongst the magical eternal moment, we thought to ourselves, this can be a simple, yet perfect Nomad Journey for this month!

All our love and blessings.

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