The Nomads Journeys May

How often do you go on an adventure?

To transform your rigidity, your maybe repeated actions.

That’s why adventures reignite the magic of life and the fluidity it invites.

To place your faith in the unknown.

So the blessings of Mexico that during the lockdown, there is always magical realms waiting for the courageous heart to explore.

Exactly what we did for this Nomad Journey!

The journey started driving to a local community.

As we arrived we were graced with black butterflies – spreading their wings and magic.

We were guided by a friend down a pathway to another mermaid lagoon (so many in Mexico).

Mermaid because the waters are translucent – observing them with the eyes, you often ask yourself…

There is a mystical allure about the waters, a translucence.

The more you put your attention on the waters, with just pure presence, the more they radiate this allure.

And to swim and embrace them, it’s like all you’re stiffness, stagnant energy is released – transformed.

Literal healing waters. 

So we enjoyed a rejuvenated afternoon by the waters. With some homemade hummus to appease the tastebuds!

On the way back, nature continued to bless us.

Spontaneously amongst the trees, there was an abundance of these yellow leaves.

We were so magnetically attracted to them. Just like children, we played and danced with the fairies.

Never lose and always return to the innocence and play of the child within you.

It will reignite the magic that life offers, the spontaneity, flow, adventure…

All of this – the essence of the Nomad.

May this inspire you to go on a spontaneous adventure!

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