The Nomads Journey August

Beloved Nomad

after bathing in the Mt Shasta lights last month, have Gabriel and me united again and are now traveling the lands of Mexico.

Currently are we in the Mexican mountains of Amatlan, which is the birthplace of the Light being Quetzalcoatl.
He was said to be from Venus, which is a planet that we both resonate deeply with and we know that aspects of our Soul have incarnated there previously.

Quetzalcoatl is a feathered serpent – the serpent is representing the lower nature of the body, the feathers represent the spirit and the rising of the serpent into the upper chakras and its ascension.

We have been going into deep transcendental journeys with these powerful energies that are emanated by the land here.

Apart from this, is Amatlan a New Earth Portal, a place where the veil to the other worlds and of separation is very thin, so it is easier to access the high vibrational energies which continuously surround us.

It is a magical home for elemental beings. Within the lush greenery, the powerful mountains, the little creeks, and freshwater plunge pools in the middle of the mountains they do feel safe, to emerge.

Overall have we had the most incredible journeys here, we feel so grateful and blessed to be with those mountains and waters, and it is a place that our heart recognized instantly – just like home.

Another exciting thing is – the NEW Nomadica Collection is coming out soon! 

While hiking and spending a lot of time in silence do we still embrace our creative spirit and are active in bringing through the coming clothing line.

So watch out for our emails to be the first one to see the coming creations of nomadica!

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