The Nomads Journeys July

Beloved Nomad

I am writing to you with great joy about my recent nomad’s journey.

After staying in Tulum for about 9 months, was I finally granted to leave for a trip to Mt Shasta.

It has been an initiation just getting there, due to all that has been aspiring globally.

Yet was my nomad’s heart guiding me and staying true to the course. I was called there because I was assisting in a spiritual retreat with beloved Tiara Kumara.

It has been such an enlightening experience to commune with the holy mountain again and with all the beloveds that we shared the sacred space with.

Of course, was everyone excited to enhance their wardrobes with new nomadic goddess garments and express the inner divinity through the nomadica robes.

To share with you from a space beyond the mind, would I like to offer a poem to you that came through on the mountain:

Oh, splendor sounds of the splattering waters, how you soothe my soul.
Oh graceful trees of the pine queen, how you ground my being.
Oh sweetest flowers of the morning sun, how you make my heart sing.
Oh, delicate straws of the gentle meadow, how you illuminated even the darkest of days.
Omnipotent, majestic and everpresent mountain of iridescence, how you bring these many gifts to us –
your breeze is the song of a thousand rainbows, your expression is indescribable beauty.
If there would only be words to describe your luminescent presence, I would sing them forevermore.
Yet, in the silence of your touch is all spoken.


May these words bring forth the transmission that beloved Mt Shasta holds for all of us.

Namaste <3


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