The waters of silence

Crushing the shores through the dance of the winds and the rocks.
Birthing into aliveness and sound.
Yet transmitting the vibration of deep silence and peace.
Isn’t that the feeling that one gets, watching the ocean making love with the shore, watching the continuous movement of the waves.

Nomadica is inspired by the dance of nature. By the beauty of her expression.


No matter how deeply one can be living in the world of computers, jobs, noise, cities, glamour there won’t be any person on this planet that would deny the beauty and serenity of the waters.
And this is what Nomadica brings.
A remembering of the return to nature and presence
Thus are all our garments made with the utmost care and consideration to our beautiful planet and infused with that awareness.
May your Nomadica garment inspire you to always return to that peace of nature.


Be Wild. Be Free. Be Nomadica.

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