Tulum Ruins


What is it to be a Nomad?
It is to be free.
To be alive.
To be natural.
To be your absolute authentic self.
And follow your bliss.
Follow your heart.

We hope to inspire you with this segment called the Nomad Journeys.

To share our aliveness, our spontaneous inspirations and adventures.

So we followed our heart, our guidance and spontaneously one Wednesday – decided to rock our Nomadica garments at the Tulum Ruins in Mexico.

These Ruins are very special, as they are one of the rare sacred sites that are right by the sea. So the energy of the ocean and the winds amplifies the high vibrations of the ancient sacred ruins.

Mexico is an ancient land, with traditions that go way back.

The Mayan people, which use to live and gatekeep the sacred ruins, were a tribe of people in Mexico who were highly advanced in their knowledge of cosmology, astrology, ecology and architecture.

Back to our journey…

It was incredible to witness the majesty of Mother Nature in the seaside ruins.

The intensity of the wind with the sway of the palm trees in this Caribbean paradise, the mouth of the ocean, where pristine blue waters hit the shore, the coolness and shade of the jungle for rejuvenating shade from the beaming sun, the unique and vast expressions of plant life.

With all these sensations – the natural fibres of the clothing were like they were conducive to nature.

One could really be present and absorb the sensations of nature.
It also felt like the natural fibres were receiving and merging with the ancient energies of the land.

Almost like they were now forever embedded with the energies of the land.

After all, this range was inspired by another ancient tribe the Essenes.
They were known for their Sacred Pilgrimages all around the world. And they would wear these types of fibres, and be similar colours.

Maybe there is a hidden science behind it all.
Another mystery to be revealed.
Another adventure to be embraced.

By the nomad.

As the nomad knows that with every footstep on ancient sites, the soul remembers…

With loving embrace from


Asherah & Gabriel

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